Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Cheesecake Trial #1

Well I joined The Daring Bakers - and seeing as how this was my first month to submit an entry, I was kinda feeling a bit of pressure. So I made the recipe yesterday and brought it in to work today. An amazing thing about bringing food to an office/work environment -- it vanishes. No matter which hospital I have worked at - bring something in wrapped in plastic wrap and within minutes, it is gone. I used to take this as a compliment, and on somedays I still do - geez, it must have been really good - I don't think today's cheesecake lasted even 8 minutes on the scheduling table before it was gone. One coworker even admitted that she licked the platter. I must admit that I have brought in some food, an underdone streusal-topped rhubard-compote shortbread comes to mind, that similarly vanished -- and I KNOW it was lousy. Which is not to say my coworkers are nondiscriminating...let's just say they are hungry.

The situation is not unlike working with a stroke patient who spends 45 minutes producing nothing but unintelligible jargon, but who produces that one full sentence, be it a compliment or an insult at the end of the session, and of course it is THAT message that we take to heart. I own a very nice red shirt that I will absolutely never wear again because the single time that I wore it the lovely Grace G. pointed to it and said as clear as can be, "Never again" after an hour of wonderfully fluent but largely unintelligible jargon. And Lisa D. had a great day this past Monday when a confused and disoriented patient told her she had "beautiful breasts."

Anyway...I made the Daring Baker's cheesecake and in a big hurry this morning topped it with sliced strawberries. The concentric circles of slices were off-center, the slices were uneven, I put it in a large shallow dish with sides because I had planned to take it in to work, which means a safe drive over Gates Pass but not a good photo op, and snapped a few quick pictures. And of course, within minutes the cheesecake was gone. Everyone said it was delicious, and I actually was quite pleased with how the texture of the cake itself turned out...though I did not taste a piece myself. But when I got home and looked at the pictures --- ugh. Can a strawberry be garish? -- because that is the word that came to mind when I saw it.

Good news - I will make it again when I can take a little more time on the presentation side of things AND Nik will get a piece this time.

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