Monday, April 20, 2009


According to Nik, and some unknown original source, a collection is two or more of something/anything. To me a pair of something should not really constitute a collection (as in, a pair of shoes is a collection of that type of shoe?), but who am I to stray from the source. So I got to thinking about what I have a collection of...dogs,

And tortoises...

Other collections (according to Nik's definition of the word) include diplomas, Ipods (though one is broken), sisters, nieces, favorite songs, cookbooks, occupations and hobbies. I used to have a huge collection of used wine corks (hundreds of them, in fact) but Nik made me get rid of them when we moved. I know - what was up with that?!
Anyway, what got me thinking about all this was the pound cake that I made over the weekend. I found the recipe stowed away in a file in the file cabinet. I realized, while I was thumbing through the hundred or so other "Cake" recipes in that file, that I have gathered quite a collection of stray recipes over the years - most of which I have never tried. It's what we do, right - I'm sure if there was a recipe in the Sky Mall magazine I would tear it out and file it away.
The cake wasn't bad, but it wasn't good either. Lemon Ginger Pound Cake. How bad can it be, really. Well, I'll tell you - it can be too gingery, too heavy, too buttery, and too small -- I know, I know - pound cakes are supposed to be heavy and buttery, and a ginger cake is supposed to be gingery -- but it was TOO MUCH of all of them. So can a cake that is too much of so many things be too small -- isn't it better to make a small bad cake rather than a big bad cake...yes and no, obviously -- I at least wanted it to look good -- and not just for the pictures either. This cake offered neither gustatory nor visual delight. (But watch...see what close up digital photography and powdered sugar can do to a cake like this.) So I now have a new that I will not make again, but that are worth tinkering with if I feel like it someday...or not. (Let me know if you want the recipe -- I'll post the improved one sometime when I get around to improving it.)

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